2012 Cryptocurrency Conference

In the year of 2012, we organized Cryptocurrency Conference. The main focus was on educating people and startups on this relatively discovery. Our attendees were professionals from academic groups, industry startups, financial services institutions, and investment firms. The goal was to create an event that is educational driven, with talks, workshops, and high profile and special guest speakers.

In the July of 2011 Bitcoin had a value of 31 USD dollars, and it was a top of it first „bubble“ followed by the first price drop. In December od 2011, it had a value of 2 USD dollars, and it was a minimum after few months. In 2012 he slowly raised and we at the Conference talked about that, but no one predicted that after a price of 13 dollars that year, he would be valued 266 dollars the following year, with its value growing by five to ten percent daily.

Our guests

post1a This new currency made not from paper, but information, was created four years before our Conference, and in 2010 the Bitcoin Market came into existence. As people become interested, the value raised, in 2011 media turned their attention to it. In the year of our Conference, everybody was talking about how Bitcoin could change the world, and how it could make them rich.

Among enthusiasts, there was a few miners, students of the economy, programmers, lawyers, people wanting to create new cryptocurrencies. Guests were idealists dreaming of everyday purchase without banks, credit cards, additional costs, and even few talked about a system where the money would never be printed. Others were profiteers looking a way to earn and turn cryptocurrency into „real“ money. But both groups had a shared demeanor – to keep cryptocurrencies alive. Security was also one of the main topics, in the correlation that online wallets were different from the tra


ding site. Because cryptocurrency affected the economy in one day, there were a lot of talks about its stability.


The main discussion themes were about the release and rise of Bitcoin, its usability, the way it could be purchased and sold. How to predict its value, and potential of its widespread. There was a series of panels on the distributed ledger as a blockchain – how does it work, how the information is shared, how can it be advanced and how to make a better optimization and security of a blockchain. We had discussions on how does mining works, with the special turn on growing demands for your hardware and software maintenance costs.We raised questions about a hard limit to some possible coins overall, and what that means to the mining community.

Our speakers presented their take on the future of transactions, with the technical details how does it work in a cryptocurrency systems. Our attendees had some discussions about the future of bitcoin, and the possibility for creations of new cryptocurencies.


Our Conference brought together near 300 enthusiasts for two days. This high content discussion presented a series of top-level speakers. The conference was designed to create an atmosphere of solution-based case studies and panel discussions that were focused on building partnerships and encourage learning. We explored the industries that were influenced by this new technology.