Security: From Software to Silicon

Wally Rhines, CEO, Mentor Graphics


In the past few years, much attention has been focused on viruses and malware in the operating system or application layer. But these only impact a minority of users. It is in the underlying silicon where the biggest threat to security lies. Any compromise in the hardware can have grave consequences for each and every user

Wally Rhines CEO of Mentor Graphics, will demonstrate how hardware now forms the foundation of trust in electronic products. That is why the industry is looking to EDA companies to solve the silicon security problem. Up until now, EDA assisted with the design and then verified the silicon did what it is intended to do. Now verification needs to ensure that the chip willl NOT do something unintended. The need for this expanded EDA role in security will only intensify with the growth of the Internet of Things and cloud computing.”

Speaker Biography

Wally Rhines MENTOR GRAPHICS CEO Security: From Software to Silicon is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mentor Graphics, a leader in worldwide electronic design automation. Prior to joining Mentor Graphics, Rhines was Executive Vice President of Texas Instruments’ Semiconductor Group, sharing responsibility for TI’s Components Sector. Rhines has served five terms as Chairman of the Electronic Design Automation Consortium and is currently serving as a director. He is also a board member of the Semiconductor Research Corporation and First Growth Children & Family Charities.